Macbeth Cast


Cast meeting is April 24 at 7:00pm at Be Theatre.  Enter through side door classroom entrance.  Please email Claire at if you are not able to accept your role, or you cannot attend the first cast meeting and read through. 

Mary Benes
Fleance- Trenton Ortiz
MacBeth- Jon Mark Hogg
MacDuff- Lance Turner
Lady MacDuff- Landa Cason
Lady MacBeth- Chloe Husted
MacDuff's daughter- Kaylee Ann Marsden
MacDuff's Son- Dean Marsden
Duncan- Charley Blake
Doctor- Samatha Marsden
Witch 1- Chloe Choate
Witch2-Aubrey Ellington
Witch3- Emmy Sparks
Seyton- Dakota Wood
Porter- David Pederson
Banquo- Marcus Osborn
Lennox- Tyler Tennell
Ross- Wade Sorrells
Angus- Yvette Sherman
Menteith- Cheyenne Kerr
Caithness- Breanna Casey
Siward- Mark Lack
Young Siward- Josh Vetter
Wounded sergeant- Dakota Wood
Murderer 1- Cheyenne Kerr
Murderer 2- Breanna Casey

Costumes/PropsBenita Graham