To be a prepared actor, please download and fill out the audition form located here.  

If you need an alternate audition date, please email us at to arrange a time.  Audition times must be prior to open auditions. 

Show runs April 19-21 at Tom Green County Library
Directed By Benita Graham


Be Theatre, 82 Gillis Street
(Enter through 2nd Street Classroom entrance. There is a "B" on the door)

Male or Female Reader and Max (2 of each) Ages: 14+
Two readers who are well spoken and enthusiastic, and two actors to play Max with good movement skills are comfortable with kids to get them motiviated to participate. These two readers and two actors will be alternating shows to allow for more shows to be performed in one day. 

The Creative Players
Ages 12+
Players will set the scene and create the scenery that to helps children and audience with interactive participation.  This is an imprtant part of the production, and it is a very magical way to be a part of community outreach.  You can be a part of this amazing gift we bring to the children of the Concho Valley every year. 

No preparation needed for this audition. 

80's PROM
We are no longer having auditons for 80s prom.  If you are interested in participating, we ask that you contact us at We will be meeting soon to discuss the show.  Please contact us by March 19. 

Prom is May 4, 2018

Ages 16+
(Students under the age of 18 will have to have a parent signed waiver)
No preparation needed for this audition. 

Need about 15-20 (any age!) to help portray these characters:
Outrageous characters well versed in improvisation to play students we remember from our favorite 80s movies... The Cheerleader, The Jock, The Principal,The Librarian, The Secretary, The Janitor The Geek, The Hot Teacher, The Mean Teacher, The Nerd, The Odd Girl, The Goth Girl, The Popular Girls, The Surfer Dudes, The Skater Dudes, The Exchange Student, etc. 

THis show will be lightly scripted.  It is for a one time event held on May 5, 2018.  The audience will be involved in the show and will actually decide our prom king and queen.  This will not take alot of rehearsal, but we will be meeting some throughout March and April to prepare. Flexible rehearsal schedule and super fun time promised! 

Runs June 8-16 at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
Directed by Stoddard Owens


Be Theatre, 82 Gillis Street 
(Enter through 2nd Street Classroom entrance. There is a "B" on the door)

Actors ages 16+
No preparation needed.