Auditions for 2017-18 Season and Special Event shows will be announced by July 15.  Melodrama is featured below as our season opening production. 


Summer Mustache Melodrama

Directed by Sarah Negotevich

Back by popular demand!  We are bringing back the rollicking, rowdy, popcorn-fest we call the melodrama! And even better.. it's set in San Angelo, Texas, circa 1895!  Come be a part of the fun! We need a minimum of 8 actors. Great roles for everyone involved! 

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00pm
See cast needs at bottom of page!
Ages 15+
Cast list posted: Wednesday, June 28
First cast meeting at 7pm on June 28

Performances: July 28-August 13 (10 performances)
Rehearsals: With only 1 month to prepare, expect rehearsals every evening on weeknights and some weekends as needed. Please bring conflicts to auditions. We understand it's summer and we will have some conflicts for cast members.   We will take July 4th off! 

Be prepared for cold reads from the script and possible improvisation games!  See description below!

Welcome to the small western town of San Angelo, Texas.  A town where the Santa Fe Railroad has built one mighty beautiful train depot. The prologue to the play begins with the Depot’s Station Master sitting on a bench in front of a darkened train depot set. He is reminiscing about the glory days of the train depot back in 1895. As he recalls the story we are transported back to 1895 and the now young Station Master enters the ticket office announcing the arrival of the Santa Fe from Chicago - Springfield - St. Louis - on track one. One of the locals says “but we only have one track” and so begins the Melodrama.

Enters gentle young Lacie Camisole awaiting the arrival of her future husband. Not one of her selection, mind you, but one of her father’s choosing for her so he can save the Camisole family ranch. Her betrothed is arriving on the Chicago train to collect her. Lacie has resigned herself to her fate until she finds that the new station master (Justin Tyme) is her not-forgotten childhood sweetheart.

Will this surprising revelation change the course of her future? Is the arrival of Professor Mack’s traveling Medicine Show merely a coincidence or does the “Professor” have a nefarious scheme up his sleeve? What brings the Gypsy Claire Voyant to town? I know “the train” … but what is the secret she is keeping? Will the Local School Marm ruin Lacie's chances for happiness? What is Wyatt Earp doing in town and why can’t you find a Pinkerton agent when you really need one? Mayhem, mystery, dreams fulfilled, plans dashed to the rocks. Schemers, Scalawags and Scoundrels … all just a small part of the Dirty Deeds going on at the Depot in San Angelo, Texas.  

Enjoy the hilarious fun as we bring San Angelo history into the story, and perhaps some of our own present day small town hilarities to poke fun!  

The cast of Characters:

Lacie Camisole: The Heroine. The sweetheart of San Angelo.

Helen Highwater: The school Marm. Heroine's best friend and raised with 6 brothers she could best them all in shootin' ridin' and wranglin'. 

Dusty Trails: Our Hero.  The handsome son of a Texas Buffalo Rancher. A good sort that gets easily flustered. 

Claire Voyant: The Gypsy and traveling Sooth-Sayer. She is mysterious and hides a secret past that involves a traveling 'snake oil' salesman known as "The Professor." Could she be a villainess in disguise? 

Justin Tyme: The station master, former train conductor that manages the Santa Fe Depot.  He's a man with regrets about leaving his childhood sweetheart. 

Professor Thaddeus Mack: The Villian. A traveling snake oil salesman with some nefarious scheme planned for the sleepy little town of San Angelo.  Opportunistic self-promoter and conman... always with a plan up his sleeve. 

Duncan Disorderly: The villain's sidekick... Helen Highwater's half brother.  He's comical and quick with the one-liners. 

Jerry Mander: The judge and a local bureaucrat with delusions of higher office.  He is so popular in town, his name hasn't even been put on a ballot... but he still gets re-elected as mayor every election. 

Paige Turner: Our cue card maven!  For those that don't come to melodrama's often, Paige reminds the audience of their part in the production holding up cue card signs such as "boo!" or "Aaaaah!" or even "Shameful Pig!" when actors give plugs to local merchants! 

Cy Kosis: Our melodrama sound effects wizard. If it clanks, creeks, crashes or kerplunks, you can be sure that Cy was the one behind that melodramatic sound.  Cy also acts at the town's telegraph operator with the occasional message delivery.