AUGUST 19, 1-4pm
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Tuesday, August 29 at 6:00pm at Be Theatre

YOUTH PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP- This is an audition based workshop with tuition. Click link at bottom of this audition information for complete workshop details. 

Please sign up for an audition time!
Email us with your student's name and grade.  We will get back in touch with you if we need to schedule specific audtition times.  Otherwise, please arrive at 6pm with form filled out.  You can find form here!  Or... come a few minutes early and fill one out at our studio anytime after 5:45pm.

Students should be prepared to sing 32 bars of music (about 1 minute) from sheet music, or acapella (no music).   Please do not sing music selectins from Dear Edwina. Vocal auditions are closed and will only be the student and artistic staff.  We wil have an accompanist available for those with sheet music. Some students will be asked to  'vocalize' with music director to hear vocal range. No choreography or costumes needed for music auditions.  

We will also have 'cold reads' from the script.  This part of the process is an 'open' audition which means anyone can sit and watch.  Students will get scenes from the show and have a few minutes to work together before reading for the artstic staff.  Auditions should conclude by 8:30pm, but we appreciate flexiblity.  



will be scheduled the week of August 28-September 1 after 7pm.
*This is a paid position: $15 per tour plus tips
Guides are needed Oct 13-Oct 31, Friday-Sunday (with tours on Tuesday, October 31)

Director/Organizer: Caity Roberts

An interview and Ghost story reading audition is required to become a tour guide.  Please email Caity Roberts at  Interviews will be scheduled the week of August 28-September 1 after 7pm.  Please email Caity with a preference of an interview date and time. 

Ghost Tour Guides are expected to memorize their stories, but will have cue cards with info about their specific stops.   Teams will be set prior to each weekend.  Tours are approximately 1.5 hours.  In the past 2 years, we sold out more than 60+ tours with 20 on each walk! It is our most popular event of the year!  

Tuesday, January 2 at 7pm (please arrive up to 30 minutes early to fill out forms)
If you need an alternate audition date, we need to hear you read before Christmas break so pleae email us at
Show runs Feb 23- March 10*
Rehearsals are weekdays through January and until show opens on Feb 23.  

*Please note that the last two shows are Friday and Saturday of the beginning of SAISD spring break. 

Ages 14 and up
Cast needs: 11 men (all ages 14+), and one woman (14-24 yrs)
This is a show with music but there are no big solos.  We will need each person auditioning to sing scales with the music director during auditions.  But you do not need to prepare a song to sing.  We will have cold reads from the script and maybe some improvisation games.

To see description of show click here!

Auditions TBA
Show runs April 19-21 at Tom Green County Library

Needed: Two readers who are well spoken and enthusiastic, and two actors to play Max with good movement skills are comfortable with kids to get them motiviated to participate. These two readers and two actors will be alternating shows to allow for more shows to be performed in one day.  (Male or Female)

Also needed: Volunteers ages 12+
Be Theatre and Tom Green County Library needs many volunteers to help with children and audience participation. We will have a meeting sometime in mid February about this project and will be talking about how you can be a part of this amazing gift we bring to the children of the Concho Valley every year.  Please check back soon for exact dates and times. 

 80's PROM
March 20 at 7:00pm at Be Theatre
Prom is May 5, 2018

Ages 16+
(Students under the age of 18 will have to have a parent signed waiver)

Need about 15-20 (any age!) to help portray these characters:
Outrageous characters well versed in improvisation to play students we remember from our favorite 80s movies... The Cheerleader, The Jock, The Principal,The Librarian, The Secretary, The Janitor The Geek, The Hot Teacher, The Mean Teacher, The Nerd, The Odd Girl, The Goth Girl, The Popular Girls, The Surfer Dudes, The Skater Dudes, The Exchange Student, etc. 

THis show will be lightly scripted.  It is for a one time event held on May 5, 2018.  The audience will be involved in the show and will actually decide our prom king and queen.  This will not take alot of rehearsal, but we will be meeting some throughout March and April to prepare. Flexible rehearsal schedule and super fun time promised!