Art Enrichment provided by SACAC

with Guest Artist Savannah Logsdon
Provided by a grant by 

In February 2018, Be Theatre brought art enrichment to 14 schools and over 1,000 students.  

Our goal with the The Literature Alive Project is to inspire 
young children to read; thereby encouraging a lifelong love of reading through the magic of live theatre. We’ve watched little faces light up through six years of performances, and this year, we’ve decided we can do more with this endeavor, and reach further into the artistic foundation of the Literature Alive Project.

Our creative team has always concentrated on the written words of literature and how to transform it to the stage. As we design costumes and sets, we reference the book and the illustrations to try and emulate the visual images that might be bubbling in young minds.

An artistic light bulb went off this year as we discussed our selection for the 2018 Literature Alive Project of Where the Wild Things Are. This wildly popular Maurice Sendak book has very few words, but has a large impact on early readers… so it makes sense to ask, “Why?” It’s easy to conclude it is because Maurice Sendak was a brilliant illustrator. He created a visual feast with his book that has children all over the world wondering how they can turn their own bedroom into a jungle! When diving deeper into this idea of Sendak’s illustrations inspiring our show designs, we decided that since art is such a large part of this story, we should use it as a springboard to bring art and illustration to the youth of San Angelo. 

Through a grant provided by San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council, Be Theatre traveled to various schools in the area and worked with Elementary, middle and high school students to explore the art illustration medium.