Anne Frank Cast List

Thank you to everyone who came out to auditions.  The level of talent was high and this was not an easy decision.  We hope we see those who were not cast at our upcoming auditions for "How I became a Pirate" and "Gypsy," which both have upcoming auditions after the new year.  We appreciate your time!

Monday, November 28 at Be Theatre 3rd floor at 6:30pm
Parents are always welcome, but it is not necessary

Anne: Esther Whited

Otto: Charley Blake

Edith: Sarah Negotevich

Margo: Cassidy Brown

Mr. Van Daan: Jon Mark Hogg

Mrs. Van Daan: Nancy Gant

Peter Van Daan: TBA

Mr. Dussel: Jacob Scott

Meip Gies: Chloe Husted

Mr. Kraler: Mark Lack

Men: TBA

If you are interested in being a part of the Anne Frank experience with a tech or crew position, please contact us at  

If you cannot accept your role, please contact us at the email above so that we may fill it as soon as possible.