24 Hour Theatre



September 22 
4 short one act plays…..cast, written, directed, and performed within 24 hours.

In the spirit of supporting creativity (and possible at the expense of our sanity), we present 24 Hour Theatre!  We will have 4 teams of writers/directors/actors who will go from auditions to the writing process, and then performance, in just 24 hours.  Below is the format of the 24 hour process. 



Friday Night: September 21

7:30 PM:  Writers, directors, and stage managers arrive and are randomly place into teams.  It’s all good.     We’re sure that the mix will be creative and fabulous no matter what the teams look like.  

7:45 PM:  Actors walk through the door, audition, and the directors fight over who they want.  Don’t worry.  The stage managers are there to be the voice of reason and make sure things don’t get too violent!

8:30 PM:  Directors, Stage Managers, and Actors go home to sleep and 4 teams of writers are faced with the harshest of deadlines; a completed script written in the middle of the night which MUST be ready for rehearsal process to begin by 6:30 in the morning.  Keep the coffee coming!

7:00 AM:  Cast, directors, and technical staff begin rehearsals!  We will also be accumulating props, set pieces and costumes at the same time we are rehearsing and bringing the visions of the writers to life.  And alll with an eye toward a 7:30 PM curtain.  

Saturday Night-September 22

7:30 PM:  Curtain up!  Join us for 4 original works created in just 24 hours!   Be Theatre patrons are treated to an evening of drama, comedy, and maybe even music! We aren't sure what will happen or what kind of theatre will be presented, but we are sure it will be wildly inventive and sure to entertain! 

 Rated PG-14  (Recommended for ages 14 and up)